Ultrasound and Imaging

MyLab Family is Black and white and high Sensitivity color Doppler including triplex and duplex imaging have three transducer ports for convex, linear and endocavity transducers weighing less than 20 pounds portable or stationery multi-purpose u/s.


Technos Family is color and Doppler configurations including triplex and duplex imaging able to perform 3D ultrasound imaging: the new dedicated software.
Megas Family is the color Doppler u/s system including triplex and duplex imaging to meet both digital multi-purpose imaging.

Carisplus is a flexible and compact ultrasound product range developed from the most advanced up-to-date digital platform and probe technology

Picus Family is the high-sensitivity black and white & color Doppler for advanced applications in obstetrics, gynecology, breast, abdominal, vascular and small parts.Picus- Just 3D is available with OB/GYNEC dedicated software. The user can create photo realistic 3D images and 4D movies while performing a conventional 2D exam



Ultrasound Accessories
• Printers and Media, Video Recorders, Monitors
• Ultrasound Probe Covers with Debris Shield
• Biopsy Needles, Guide Kits and ,SterileTEE Accessories
• Ultrasound Gels and Lotion with Aloe Vera, Gel warmers
• Imaging Tables and Procedure Trays


Radiology Accessories
• Cassettes, Screens & Grids, Patient Procedure Products
• Film Viewing & Marking Products, Film Filing & Storage Accessories
• Darkroom & Processing Accessories
• Media, Printing & Video Products

Nuclear Medicine
• Protective Shielding Devices & Storage
• Patient Procedure
• Measurement Systems
• Instrumentation/QA/Sources
• Film Filing & Label Accessories
• Printers and media



Sound Pro Combination Table
Dual-purpose table accommodates ultrasound andechocardiography procedures.

Ultra Pro Ultrasound Table
Designed for the patient and the sonographer

Echo Pro Echocardiography and Deluxe Ultrasound Table
Positioning reduces sonographer injuries
and designed for OB/GYN Procedures

New and refurbished Ultrasound Systems 







      ACUSION          TOSHIBA                         GE MEDICAL


        Aspen                Nemeo                 Logic 500 Pro   Voluson 730
        Cypress             Powervision           Logic 7             Logic Book 9
        Sequoia             Eccocee               Logic 700          Logic 500MD
        128XP 10           Capacee               Vivid 5              Logic 9      
        Versa                Tosbee                                   
        Adara                JustVision
        Prima                Elegra








                        3D/4D Ultrasound – Picus Pro
       Philips/Hewlett Packard/Agilent             ALOKA

         Sonos 1000              HDI 1000               SSD-500
         Sonos 2000/2500      HDI 3000               SSD-620
         Sonos 5500              HDI 4000               SSD-650
         Imageprint/IPHX        HDI 5000               SSD-1000


New and refurbished Ultrasound Transducers 


Acuson • Aloka • ATL • Diasonics • GE • HP• Hitachi • Interspec • Philips • Siemens • Toshiba • Fukuda Denshi , Easote, B & K, Medison and More…



3V2c Probe                    4V2c Probe                    Sequoia 5C2 Probe             Sequoia 5V2 Probe
6L3 Probe         Sequoia 8V5 Probe         Sequoia 8L5 Probe              Cypress3V2c Probe
Cypress7V3c Probe       Cypress7L3 Probe           Sequoia 5V2 Probe             Sequoia 8V5 Probe
15L8 Probe       C3 Ultrasound Probe        EC7 Transvaginal Probe       EV5 TV Probe

Philips/ATL/Interspec/ Hewlett Packard

HDI 5000 C8-4V        HDI P3-2        HDI P4-2 HDI P5-3        HDI P7-4        HDI 2.0Mhz      UM-9 HDI C3         
Model #21200C
      Model #21202A       Model 21205C e.       Model 21211B           Model 21221A                
Model #21221B
      Model #21243A       Model #21255A         Model #21255B         
Model #21258B

Toshiba Medical

PEF 510SB TEE         PSF 375FT         PVF 375MT         PSE 25LR          PVE 382M


UST-943         UST – 946-5      UST-977       UST-977P     UST-939         UST-930



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